Transit Insurance

You relocate to a new city for a new opportunity or a job transfer for growth or to nurture an ability to start something new. Although exciting and rewarding your home relocation maybe, moving also needs a whole lot of preparation and requires you to undergo certain pain. 

You must do a lot of research to hire the right set of Packers and Movers to help you relocate with ease. But even if you have hired the professionals to do the job for you, your belongings are still vulnerable to damage, theft and accidents warranting you to opt for ideal transit insurance for home relocation.

Most individuals think they can complete the home relocation process without having to buy an insurance cover for their belongings. This idea often props up when the moving company you have hired will promise to deliver your goods safe or will take care of the loss during transit. 

This is exactly where they are found mistaken since none of the Movers and Packers and transporters cover transit damages. The truth is, they charge you an illegal fee of flat 3% of the declared value while the actual transit insurance premium may be between 0.9% to 1.4%.

Trust Relocation offers the best warehousing and transportation services in India. We follow the highest safety standards for goods that we either store in our warehouse or transport through the air, sea, and road route. Every consignment carrying goods holds great value to the customers’, and hence to eliminate the risk to zero, we also help with the insurance process of all those goods.

We have experienced and certified professionals who have been handling insurance claims and other related work for years. In case the goods are misplaced, damaged or lost our team members will help with the timely claim settlement process.

A survey process is conducted before the professionals insure the goods. There are certain clauses that we include concerning insurance in our proposal. To get detailed information regarding your goods insurance, get in touch with us today.

Pairs and Sets Coverage
> Express to the reasonable reduction in value of the pair or set by reason of the loss of or damage to the affected items having regard to the grandness of the affected items within the pair or set.
> Electrical & Mechanical Derangement Coverage (excludes Boats, automobiles and Trailers)
> Provided that the covered items not exceeding six years old and must be professionally taken.
> The goods must have been subject to testing/assessment by Sahara Packers or its Agents prior to transit and confirmed to be in full working order.
> Mold and Mildew Coverage.
> Moth-balls & Camphor
> Maximum coverage payment accustomed upon packing by Sahara Packers or its Agents.